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Some Positive Thoughts from our Clients and Others that have used our skills and skills of our key facilitators...

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Comments from Past Workshop Participants

Hi Marcus - another quick follow up to thank you for the strategic planning presentation in Christchurch, New Zealand. All staff enjoyed the quality of content and pace of delivery and we've been applying that thinking to great benefit to our business ever since

Nathan Pollock


Katapult Design


On behalf of everyone who attended the session at Lansdowne in New Zealand, I'd like to thank TASPI for such a high quality presentation that certainly left the audience wanting more. Structex certainly look forward to an ongoing relationship with all who attended

Justin Davies

General Manager

Structex Ltd 


Dear Marcus & Steven,

As a participant in your Adelaide workshop ( 13 July 2009 ), l would like to thank you both for the information / tools / experiences & insights which you provided to us. The day has given me a number of ideas that I intend to take to Board & staff.  I am sure that once implemented, they will greatly assist our organization to move to the next level of strategic awareness that I believe will be required to achieve, in order to remain a leader in the provision of rural community services. I would greatly appreciate it if you could forward to me any further handouts / tools / information that may assist us to get to that point. One such tool would be the examples of “ Annual Board Work Plans “ that you mentioned.

Again, many thanks.

Rob Foggo

CEO 'Opportunities for Life - for rural people' 


'Excellent Pace, very practical but soundly based on theory.  Great responses to problems/issues brought in by participants'

Chris Jenkins


Korowa Anglican Girls School


'Excellent because lecturers are hands on practitioners...'

Robert Wright

Alpha link


'It was very valuable from a Board member's point of view & also from the point of view as a person who writes strategic plans'

Jeanette Draper

Bass Coast Shire


 “An outstanding presentation-the stunning case examples from the presenter’s experience were excellent”

 “The enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge was inspiring”

"Excellent presentation and generous in giving knowledge"

 “Awesome-a wonderful presentation and skilful enjoyable presenters”

 “…the most informative, practical, enjoyable training session on any topic I have attended”

 “Excellent to have a speaker passionate about the topic”

 "Forceful ideas, very useful notes


Feedback from the Melbourne Workshop on the 8th of August 2009

The feedback from the session was incredibly diverse with some people stating that the free flowing nature and broad-brush of the session was excellent, whilst others felt that the process needed more structure and guidance; some saying that the session wasn't advanced enough and others indicating that there was more content provided than expected; some felt that the presenters didn't engage the audience as they would have liked and some saying that the views that emerged from the group were well covered. 

These are common themes during the workshops given the variation in experience of personnel and organisation sizes and types. We certainly seemed to have answerd lots more questions with the post session extra materials and have made some changes to include them as part of the program for future events - we especially thank all of those who provided feedback to us and appreciate their insights and perspectives.

Other comments about the facilitators

 "It was a pleasure to meet you this morning.  As a last-minute replacement to this morning’s breakfast I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I found your presentation to be very informative, inspiring and it was quite eye opening.  You’re clearly very passionate about driving change and sustainability and definitely got me thinking.  I’d love to keep in touch and would be happy to recommend you to clients and other colleagues."

Alice Morden

Principal Consultant

Boston Kennedy


Australian Building & Construction Commission (ABCC) 

"A presentation that was both relevant to our sector and stretched us to think outside it.  The delivery style was excellent and engaging combining facts and complex ideas with humour and audience involvement resulting in a session that matched or exceeded expectations of all involved"

 Felicity McGrath

Communications Manager

Southport Engineering Pty Ltd

Marcus I just wish to thank you for providing such an interesting, informative & entertaining session AND for all the information I wasn't able to write down.  I've never taken so many notes at a breakfast meeting in my life, nor will I ever take so few again.  I can already see many opportunities to apply your teachings with one of them being a presentation on Monday.

Thanks heaps...Best Regards

David Hilder

Engineering Manager

Dandenong South, VIC


Gold Coast Water

'...Marcus's facilitation skills were probably some of the best I've seen to date.  A combination of broad multi-disciplinary knowledge and high calibre interpersonal skills were evident in his ability to facilitate and contribute to the industry related discussion without imposing on the clientele..."

Ben Sheppard

Strategic Management Coordinator


Fosters Australia Foresight Group

'The Accelerated Scenarios process was enthusiastically embraced by the team here at Foster's.  This approach to futures thinking led to a re-perceiving of where we saw the market heading and the future opportunities and threats..."

Steve Tighe

Foresight Manager

Fosters Australia Foresight Group

"Through his teachings Marcus has left a legacy at Foster's.  Over the past year we have learnt that looking for insights in the 'safe areas' provides less value than looking for 'signals' in the 'right' areas.  This changed perspective has been largely due to the influence of Marcus"

Steve Tighe

Foresight Manager

Gold Coast Water
"Marcus mentored myself and the GCW team in the process of Environmental Scanning.  Marcus kept in touch with the group, coaching us through the practical application...that increased our practical understanding of the process, as well as improving the quality of the outputs."

Ben Sheppard
Strategic Management Coordinator

Frontier Media & Marketing
"...the team loved it, they are still talking about it"

Neil Hoar

"We created a branding message that is concise, clear and effective - years on we still get constant feedback that the branding message was a key reason people contacted us"

Marc Selby

UNESCO sponsored ' Committing Universities to Sustainable Development' conference
"... of every presentation I saw here at the conference, yours was the most effective and engaging..."
A-M Fortmann of OIKOS

Fosters Australia Functional Beverages
"Marcus led a fun and informative workshop that focused on gettng the team to take a step back and ask 'What are we really trying to achieve here?'  He then facilitated a process that enabled us to articulate our thoughts into a format that we could then engage the entire business with.  Fantastic!"

Andrew Fairlam
Fosters Australia Innovation Team

South East Business Networks

"In the multi-company sessions that Marcus facilitated for us, he displayed the uncanny ability to challenge the very essence of the participants' thinking process and the potential (and often untapped) opportunities within their business, allowing them to leave with not only theory, but the ability to implement!"            

Sandra George
South East Networks 

These are among the many clients and training sessions available - ask away...

Our Experience Means You Benefit

Acquiring this level of skill can only come through well developed 'travels' across industry sectors, positions, functions and outcomes.  It requires a willingness to walk the 'paths less travelled' and to show how the richness of the journey can be of benefit to those who have enjoyed the alternative.

With direct exposure to the Financial Services, Policing, Education, Advertising, Manufacturing, and Recruitment sectors, we are able to draw upon functional understanding across businesses of all types and purposes.

This means you get access to our ability to identify the very best of 'cross industry' opportunities - customer retention strategies; employee engagement methods; sales processes; strategic development initiatives; marketing excellence; innovation creation and many, many more.

The really important thing to note is that we do not bring a 'cookie cutter' with us.  Whilst your business may share similarities with others in the same sector or different sectors, it is unique.  Applying 'model x' regardless of what you really need is not our style.  EVERYTHING will be tailored specifically to what you need and for the purpose you need it.

Key Personnel

All of our personnel and facilitators bring with them extensive trainng and real life operational experience.  Specifically it is probable that our personnel will have qualifications in at least one of the following disciplines:

  • Post Graduate Qualifications in Strategic Foresight
  • Certification in Spiral Dynamics from the National Values Centre in the United States
  • Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

When you add these exquisite and precise thinking skills to extensive experience across a wide variety of business sectors, you have available to you an exceptional business asset that will transfer skills into your business.



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